10cc Bibliography

Want to read about 10cc? There have only been two books published about the band and here are their details:


"The 10CC Story" by George Tremlett
1976, Futura Publications Ltd, ISBN 0 8600 7378 5

Written by a professional music biographer (the list of Tremlett's other books includes biographies of David Bowie, David Essex, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Alvin Stardust, John Lennon and Rod Stewart), this well-researched and complimentary book about 10cc suffered from the timing of its release. Written up to the period when the band started recording How Dare You, there is mention of the gizmo and of Strawberry South, but nothing about the impending split that must have occurred soon after the book was published. This single event rendered the book out of date as soon as it appeared and there is nothing in the text to suggest that there were any problems in the band. Best quote in the book, with hindsight, comes from Lol Creme: "I think the relationships within our group are such that we'll be able to sort out problems when they crop up…and there's nothing really that could be so great that we couldn't sort it out…" Oops!

Having said that, the history of the four members of 10cc is well researched and the book is full of praise for the band so this is well worth reading if you come across it.


"The Worst Band in the World: The Definitive Biography of 10cc" by Liam Newton
2000, Minerva Press, ISBN 0 75410 311 0

With a foreword by Graham Gouldman, an afterword by Eric Stewart, and the enthusiasm and dedication of author Liam Newton, this is a labour of love that traces the formative years of the band, the heights of success and the lows that followed. The passage of time has allowed thorny issues, such as the departure of Godley and Creme in 1976 and the post-1983 10cc offerings, to be analysed by the key players without judgements being clouded and the author rounds things off by suggesting what might have happened had the original band stayed together. This is a must-read for all 10cc fans and I doubt whether any other collection of 10cc facts and trivia exists anywhere else, whether in printed form or on the internet

"...anyone with an interest in pop music should be pleased with this hitherto missing chapter on its history" (Stockport Express, Wednesday April 5th 2000, page 4)

"…a certain Manchester foursome were overlook by pop history…until now. Finally the book gets written on 10cc…" (Manchester Evening News, Friday April 21st 2000, page 9)

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