Strawberry Recording Studios

This is a not-for-profit website celebrating the history of Strawberry Recording Studios, Stockport, 1967 - 1993.

David Kean of the Audities Foundation has restored Strawberry's Helios desk to add to the amazing Audities collection of recording equipment and musical instruments (see for further information). In June 2009, David emailed to say "we've made a special commemorative plate to go on the back of the chassis acknowledging Eric, Swettenham et al for the design and build of the desk along with the rebuild team." He also sent us the photos on this page to show how the restoration is going.

In August 2010, David reported that the restoration was complete, after three years and over $150,000. He said, "it's already been used for 5 CD projects and it just sounds incredible. We installed a Tonelux Automation system in it that allows us to use it as a HUI in ProTools and Logic Audio or with our Stephens tape machines. Simply wonderful!"

Thanks to David and the Audities team for their dedication and skill in rebuilding the desk....and for keeping us informed of the progress.

Work in Progress 2009
Helios Restore 1

Helios Restore 2

Helios restore 3

Helios restore 4

Helios restore 5

The Restored Desk 2010
restored Desk 1

Restored Desk 2