Strawberry Recording Studios

A celebration of Strawberry Recording Studios, Stockport, 1967 - 1993.

As well as the famous records that have been recorded at the Studio, Strawberry has also played host to some more unusual artists and sessions. This page will highlight some of the more obscure items from Strawberry's history.

Vincent Billington Plays Endearing Piano Music

Billington album

Proof that Strawberry was not just a pop recording studio! Not sure of the precise date of this one but definitely post 1975. Vincent spoke to me in 2008 and said "I am a Mancunian and the reason I went there was that Granada TV and other radio and TV people used it for adverts, signature tunes and music for plays etc. It had a very good reputation. When I arrived I realised that I would have to hire a piano for classical music, so I got the giant Bursendorfer that Oscar Peterson used on his visits to Manchester. That particular recording was done in one morning."

Sick Love Will Tear Us Apart
/ Love Has Torn Me Apart
2001 V/VM Test Records VVMT21

Sick Love Will Tear Us Apart
Recorded as a 21st anniversary tribute to the Strawberry-recorded Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division, this single was recorded on the steps outside Strawberry which, by 2001, had long since ceased operating as a recording studio and was, in fact, just office space. If your appetite is whetted, V/VM Test Records have their own website.

Boys in Blue / Funky City
1972 RCA 2200

Boys in Blue

In an era when football records weren't as naff as they seem to be now, Manchester City visited Strawberry to record a song written by three of 10cc's four members and produced by the band. In later years, Strawberry would also provide a recording base for Manchester United, Everton, Bury and, more surprisingly, Lancashire Cricket Club


Sold Out
1975 Warner Bros K56097

Scaffold Sold Out album

Nothing unusual about comedy/poetry/music trio Scaffold, who are probably most famous for their 1968 single Lily The Pink, but their 1975 album Sold Out was recorded at Strawberry (engineered by Peter Tattersall and Martin Lawrence) and includes the following great sleeve notes;

"So, Scaffold recorded this album in Stockport mostly, a bloody nice town Stockport. It's no Liverpool but it's A-OK. The band 10cc have studios there, Strawberry Studios, on a hill, near the station and nearer a pub. Mr McCartney produced brother McGear's album McGear of the same name there for wondrous Warner Bros, and Neil Sedaka records there, likewise 10cc.

Good old Stockport. Thy 'eart beats strong and thou hart more than 'atmakers."