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Yet another warm, sunny day in Stockport and a good number of people gathered at 3 Waterloo Road for the unveiling of the first of the eleven heritage blue plaques voted for by the people of Stockport to mark buildings of notable historical interest in the town. Organised by the building's owner, Julien Bromley (who's father owned 3 Waterloo Rd in 1967 when it was first leased out as a recording studio), a number of Strawberry personnel were in attendance, including Peter Tattersall, Richard Scott, and (representing Eric  Stewart) Gilly Hewer (who travelled to and from Essex just for the occasion). After browsing a display showing some notable events from Strawberry's history (including a picture from the 60s of Peter T wearing an amazing flowery shirt!), Gilly read out a message from Eric and Peter T then said a few words before everyone trooped outside to
watch the official unveiling. All in all, the occasion and the blue plaque are a fitting tribute to the work that Peter and Eric started back in 1967 and a permanent reminder of 10cc's contribution to the town and to the music industry in general.

The official invite to the unveiling

Peter Tattersall gives a speech. Gilly Hewer (Eric Stewart's PA) is second from the left

Zeb White and Richard Scott at the unveiling ceremony

Building owner Julien Bromley and Peter Tattersall outside the Studio

Julien Bromley and Peter Tattersall perform the unveiling

The plaque