Strawberry Recording Studios

A celebration of Strawberry Recording Studios, Stockport, 1967 - 1993.

Studio Sound
June 1986


Additional recording capacity to meet increased demand from artists is one of the main reasons for Stockport-based Yellow 2 studios acquiring Strawberry Studios. The studio, which was formed in the early 70s by 10cc will continue to use the Strawberry name although it will become very much part of the Yellow 2 group.

According to Nick Turnbull, head of Yellow 2 studios, "It's taken time for us to convince record companies and musicians that there is life north of Watford but we have been gradually breaking the mould and establishing a firm reputation for quality recording at a very competitive price."

Yellow 2's expansion programme is set to continue with what is claimed to be the creation of the UK's first residential, fully-digital studio.