Strawberry Recording Studios

A celebration of Strawberry Recording Studios, Stockport, 1967 - 1993.

A throwaway line at the end of this article but, of course, Paul Mccartney did record at Strawberry with his brother Mike McGear.

Daily Mail
19th December 1968


The factory floor is all of a buzz. The lathes have gone and the equipment that can make a star overnight is taking shape. As financiers see the potential, more and more backing is pouring in for Manchester's first real recording studios. By February, Strawberry Studios at Wellington Road (sic) Stockport, hope to be tempting artists away from the established London studios. It is an exciting venture that will probably make for a turning point in the singing careers of local pop singers and groups, people like Wayne Fontana.

For the studio intends to try to mould its own Manchester sound. And what better musical brain to have behind the studios than Salford's Graham Gouldman, the young songwriter with the golden ear for hits. He said: "We hope to make the studios into another Memphis, a small place that has built up its own sound in America and is attracting artists away from the big studios in New York and Los Angeles."

EMI have promised to use the studios for master recordings when they get underway. For the last three months, Strawberry Studios has been the launching pad for local groups wanting to make demonstration records to take to the major record companies. Already Ken Dodd has recorded there while appearing in a summer season at Blackpool.

The advantage of a pukka studio like this in Manchester is that it will save artistes appearing in the North and pressed for time, travelling to London to record. A leading company in the entertainment world based in Manchester, contracts do not permit publication of its name, has offered substantial financial backing for the studios which are costing about £15,000 to equip with mixing deck and record machines.

Eric Stewart, of Manchester's Mindbenders, gave the title to the studios. The Beatles' Strawberry Fields Forever was his favourite song - perhaps even John, Paul, George and Ringo will try the new Manchester sound for size.